Professional Editing

Editing Services for Completed Manuscripts

             We will consider professionally editing any manuscript, ranging from memoirs and autobiographies to histories and non-fiction, travel adventures, non-fiction anthologies, self-help or instructional manuscripts, cookbooks, and others, including magazine article projects.

             We will accept electronic discs in Word format or typed manuscripts, double spaced on letter-size paper, averaging 250 words per page. To make a preliminary appraisal our charge is $600 paid in advance, for a maximum of 50,000 words. For manuscript above 50,000 words there is additional charge of $2.50 per page. Magazine article rates are open to negotiation.We charge 6% Pennsylvania Sales Tax for all services.

             Within two weeks we will send you our detailed appraisal for turning your manuscript into a polished work. That report will propose what we think necessary for a completed document. This may include recorded interviewing. We will include an approximate assessment of the costs of our services to you. Our rates will be made clear in this response.

             Our purpose and intent will be to work closely with you to finish the editing. We will complete the process by returning to you an electronic manuscript and/or a printed typescript.  In any event, all discussions and materials will be held in strictest confidence. We will return all materials to you. You are in total control of all documents at every stage. You will, of course, own any copyright.

Editing Services for Partial Manuscripts

             We provide a similar editing service at the same $600 initial cost for a partially finished manuscript. Our appraisal after this service will include a broad description of what we believe would be the best course for expanding and completing the work and an approximate estimate of costs. 

             We may suggest a conference with you either by telephone or in person. If an expansive and detailed interview is mutually decided upon these are the meeting options:

             A Preliminary Meeting (seven to ten hours of interviews, usually over two days, including three nights) can take place at our literary farm in south central Pennsylvania where we have comfortable, private guest quarters on beautiful grounds. Description is on the Our Location link on this website. Charge for this is $5,000, payable in advance. That stay, which is two working days, includes three nights as our guest. You will be our welcomed guest at all meals. There will be additional discussion of the project during meals and informally as it seems useful. Transportation is not included, but we will supply efficient directions.  If you prefer that we travel to a location of your choice, our transportation, lodging, and ancillary costs as agreed will be charged in addition to our fee of $4,500, payable in advance. If additional days are required they will be billed at $2,500 a day. We charge 6% Pennsylvania Sales Tax for all services.

             Future Meetings can take place in either venue or by telephone conference call with an hourly rate of $400 for interviews and transcribing them, plus agreed expenses. Billable time for polished editing will be discussed at each step.  Consideration of the extent or depth of editing will affect those rates.  The final discs and documents will be of the quality that you may offer to commercial publishers or agents. We are not literary agents.  We do not market manuscripts to publishers.   We will, however, supply guidance concerning reputable print-on-demand firms, many of which can produce books of the quality of commercial publishers.