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             We live and work on a graciously restored and extended 18th-century farm in the most rural township in south-central Pennsylvania. We built a separate house for guests inside the upper level of our large, reconstructed barn, which houses no animals. It has three very comfortable bedrooms, two baths, and a 15-foot by 28-foot book-lined living room.

              The house and barn are a quarter mile from the nearest public road, in the center of our 75-acre property, which is three-quarters hardwood forest. It is our experience that professional interviews, in a single day, generally work best in two or three two-hour sessions. Additional discussions of the project continue throughout the time you are here.

             The countryside surrounding us offers many opportunities for mind-clearing breaks between those sessions. We have almost two miles of  paths in our wildlife-filled woods, and a swimming pool. Within nearby driving distance there are a number of charming historic sites, including the Gettysburg Battlefield, wild lands for walking and bird watching, excellent streams for fly-fishing, and several publicly accessible golf courses.  Our clients are welcomed as guests to three meals a day in the main house.  There are several impressive restaurants within a half hour's drive, if anyone prefers.

            We are 22 miles south of Harrisburg, 24 miles northeast of Gettysburg, 15 miles west of York, PA, 200 miles west of Manhattan, and 100 miles north of Washington, DC. We are comfortably accessible by Amtrak to Harrisburg or airlines to Harrisburg or Baltimore-Washington International Airport, and then a taxi cab or rented car from there. We provide turn-by-turn directions.

             The climate-controlled living quarters are wheelchair accessible, and include refrigerator and light kitchen facilities. There is high-speed wi-fi for computers and telephone communications. Guests are welcome to bring a companion to stay or participate in the sessions. A pet is welcome.  There is never more than one client on the premises at any time. We will provide references on request after the initial phone session.