Professional Editing

Rosalie Pakenham 

Regrets the passing of her husband Michael in 2018. Rosalie will continue the work as described below. 

           Deep in your heart, you have a book. Smart people know it's dauntingly hard to build that into a success. Whether the story is a memoir, a life, an adventure, a career, a family legacy, or an idea that can make a history-changing difference, it can be done.

          Where to start? How? We can guide you. With hard work, together we can make it happen. Our personal consulting can take place at either your house or ours, or by telephone or the Internet. We also offer editing of completed or partially completed manuscripts.

           We work as a team at our welcoming literary farm in south central Pennsylvania. We work with deliberate speed.  Unlike many other editing services and print-on-demand firms, we do not subcontract out our work.  Historically and traditionally, book publishing companies edited books from original concept to finished product. Economics have forced most of them to discontinue that art. We can fill that gap.

             All services are confidential, and all materials will be returned. You, of course, retain copyrights.

            To see who we are, what we do, how we work, and how we can help you, click on these links: